Friday, March 13, 2015

Travel Tips

While I am sad that spring break is winding down--and I have not looked at my school work at all--I am also thrilled to get my last boring bus ride back to Pittsburgh out of the way. Next year we will have three parking spots at our house so I will be able to keep my car with me. This means that I can go get groceries without straining to carry them from the bus stop to my apartment, find an internship outside of the bus route and drive myself home for the holidays. I can honestly say that I will not miss riding the bus one bit (I get to save $95 from each break!) After taking so many trips, however, I find myself a little qualified to offer some tips about taking bus trips:

1 || Make sure you show up a bit early. The departure time on buses is pretty fixed. My bus has never left more than 10 minutes late for a trip. I make it a point to show up half an hour beforehand. That way I am on time and usually get myself I window seat!

2 || Get comfortable. Typically, when I am riding to or from home I like to wear a pair of leggings, boots or flats and a hoodie (being a college student has provided me with several!) Keeping clothing relatively loose will make the long hours of travel a bit more bearable.

3 || Have hand sanitizer on hand. Coach buses usually have a small bathroom on board. If you can't wait for the rest stop that usually comes every two hours you will need the sanitizer. Not one bus I have been on has had soap or sanitizer of any kind. Gross!

4 || Stay entertained, my friends. Always take something to do, otherwise you will be stuck staring out at the landscape for hours and hours while your seat partner ignores you. Unless your intent is napping make sure your iPod is loaded up or you have got a brand new book to keep your interest. Some buses will offer free WiFi as well but sometimes certain websites will be blocked. Imagine my annoyance at not being able to access Netflix. -_-

Hope this helps prepare for your next bus trip! Talking to you, fellow collegiates!

<3 Ashley

Do you travel by bus? What are your own travel tips?


  1. Great tips! Hand sanitizer would definitely come in handy!

    Jennifer Ashley

    1. Definitely! Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!