Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On Productivitiy

As a college student I have my studies, on campus job and the stress of applying for a million summer internships until some responds telling me that they are interested in giving me money and responsibility. Fingers crossed on that last one, folks! Anyway, I have a lot on my plate plus my commitment to blogging pretty frequently based on my stress level that week. While I do consider myself to be a well organized and responsible person, I do believe that there is always room for improvement.

This month I committed myself to figuring out ways to get even more organized and stay productive. If my assumptions based on the grades that I have gotten back are correct, I have some pretty squeaky clean grades and need to maintain them for this last month of the semester (read: hell month). I have millions of papers and digital media projects due throughout these next four weeks and need to distribute my attention to all of them somehow.

I have cleaned up my tech and downloaded a few apps to keep me organized as the spring semester draws to an end:

- Emails: As I am sure you do, I have more than one email account. I have decided to make the commitment to one and have linked the others so that all of my other mail can be forwarded to one account. This empties my brain of a few passwords!

- Sunrise Calendar: While I do have access to Google calendar, I have heard a lot about the Sunrise calendar app and have fallen in love with it. It is linked up on both my MacBook and my iPhone. I use this in conjunction with my weekly planner and my desk calendar. That way I am reminded constantly of impending due dates and events.

- EverNote: This is another nifty little app that can be downloaded on both your phone and computer. I like to use it for to-do lists, which I like to use for any tasks I have to do at work, and also grocery lists. It is also where I keep record of my blog content. I have several notes specific to different topics (i.e. recipes, lifestyle, etc).

<3 Ashley

How do you maintain your productivity and keep organized?

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