Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March On

February is finally over and man am I excited about that! Last month was probably the worst ever. I just felt miserable and sluggish the whole time and there was so much drama around all of my friends that I pretty much threw in the towel during the last week and insisted on just staying away from everyone. Do you ever get like that? Just want to spend an entire day in bed binge watching Netflix (I'm making my way through The Tudors on my way to continue Mad Men) without any human contact whatsoever...and be totally okay with it. Or am I just a crazy extreme introvert?

Either way, my fingers are crossed that March will be a much better month. It is off to a good start. The temps have increased (to a sweltering 36 degrees F!) and this Friday I am going home for spring break. A week off from constant reading and papers will be welcomed with open arms and embarrassing excitement. Also, my roommate just encouraged me to listen to One Direction's "Night Changes"--we are crazy obnoxious boy band supporters and 1D are just the cutest group of fella's--and I'm basically obsessed and have been listening to it constantly all day. I have also committed myself to getting back to running more frequently (since the temperature outside is going up) and getting myself organized. What better time to get a jump start on spring cleaning? Does this signify and good month? I have heard people say that odd numbered years are the best; perhaps that could apply to the odd months as well.

<3 Ashley

Are you positive about March? What are you looking at getting done this month?


  1. I have always said I hated February. I just feel like the entire month is just grey and sluggish. I don't know if that makes sense, but that's how I feel about it! Plus I really despise Valentine's Day so yeah, I'm excited for March! Although the weather is not off to a good start. I live in Indiana and it is currently snowing. Hard. We already have at least 4 inches and it only started snowing at 5pm ish!

    Alyssa The Runner

    1. That pretty much sums up February! I am not a fan of Valentine's Day either. I'm sure it's fun for everyone to hear my go off about it too. It's been snowing here too but the temps are what I am looking at! It's snowing and in the 30s :) Thanks for stopping by Alyssa!!

  2. Wishing you a happy month of March! We all have our down times, but you'll get out of it :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Kaley! I'm confident this month will pick up! Hope it's off to a good start for you :)