Saturday, March 25, 2017

Life Lately

Was fortunate to get a few hours off work to wander and hang out at my favorite monument

So it's been a minute, right? Let me tell you, a lot has happened in that minute.

It should please everyone who has had the misfortune of being around me the last 10 months, I finally got a job! Yes-sir-ee! I've packed my bags and hustled on down to D.C. to finally start my bid for greatness. Maybe not greatness...but you get the idea.

Falling into routine has been kind of a pain in the behind since I started. While I work in D.C., I certainly don't live in the city—I have to save money somehow, right? No, I actually live a nice 30-minute metro ride away. Plus the additional 20-minute walk from the station to the office. But I will spare you the complaints. Such is life for someone just starting out, I guess.

I am starting to adjust to my surroundings and am very excited about what the next year (at least) holds for me. It's so amazing to not have the stress of job hunting weighing down on me anymore. Now I get to plow forward and take advantage of the amazing opportunities and location that I have in front of me.

<3 Ashley

How's your life lately?