Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Welcome to Sunday Brunch

Well hello there! It is me...Ashley...from All That Glitters? Don't recognize me? I can't blame you; I have rebranded and found my way back to Blogger. After spending around three years as All That Glitters I began to feel a little bit of disconnect with the blog and everything that I put into it. However, I still wanted to blog. I get some crazy high off of blogging I guess; I just have to do it.

I decided that I wasn't All That Glitters anymore. I created ATG in the summer between high school and college and just picked a cute sounding name. This time around I wanted to name my blog something that I could connect to and reflected me in some kind of way. Sunday Brunch...who doesn't love it? Since coming to college if there is one thing I can count on it's a brunch on Sunday with my girls where we recount the events of the past week and the weekend. It is always a great time that ends up stretching from 11am until sometimes 2pm! This year we all have our own kitchens so Sunday brunch has only improved in quality now that we are making the food ourselves and experimenting with different recipes. The conversations are still interesting, hilarious and sometimes revealing. So why not name my blog after the setting of some of the best talks?!

Don't get confused, this is not a food blog (though there will probably be a ton of food on it!) In keeping with what I did with All That Glitters, it is a lifestyle blog. Expect a little bit of everything! I hope that you will join me on this new blogging journey that I am embarking on and love everything that goes into it.

<3 Ashley

Do you have Sunday brunches?

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