Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Getting (Spring) Colorful

Those cherry blossoms though! via

Spring seems to be (fingers crossed, knocking on all of the wood within reach) finally in full bloom. Walking out in the sun during lunch has me dreaming about skirts, dresses, and sandals. There are so many aspects of spring that inspire my love for the season: Easter, blooming flowers, and my new appreciation for the cherry blossoms that outline the Tidal Basin in D.C.

My vision of spring is marked by specific colors as well. If you wandered into my brain right now you would encounter a changing sea of lavender, mint, and soft pink. I wanted to put together an inspiration board with a few of my favorite pieces in my favorite spring palette right now, and even throw in some ideas for the guys—do you know how hard it is to incorporate these colors into men's looks and avoid suffering from traumatic flashbacks frat guys in the spring? But I think I officially lost control of that when I wandered onto the Sperry site. ;)

But let's get back to the present. Spring is upon us and it's time to put our closets to the test and add some of the season's newest trends. In my time searching the Internet when I should have been working (oops!) I made the happy discovery that the '80s have returned. Of course, doesn't always feel like the '70s and '80s are coming back? I guess that speaks well on the behalf of those decades. This is me defending the easy reach using a polo shirt in my men's look. :P Rayban-style sunglasses also felt incredibly appropriate in achieving an '80s-inspired look. When it came to a women's look, the decade trend comes through via aviator sunglasses (a la Top Gun) and an off-the-shoulder top. An argument can be made for the skinny jeans as well being a call back to the big hair days. Here is the result of taking this trend and injecting it with my favorite spring color palette—forgive the varying shades, a consistent pink is apparently very difficult to get one's hands around!

I'm no menswear specialist; I feel like not being a man works against me on that. :) But I know what looks I like to see on them. When putting these looks together, I liked scrolling through the web store, Bonobos. I particularly like their shorts; not to baggy and long, and also not terrifyingly short! In the words of my girl, Goldilocks, "They're just right."

- Ashley

What does your spring palette look like?