Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Things

Yes. That's right. Since I am (as I have made perfectly clear before) absolutely done with this winter and these temps are giving me the sweetest taste of spring, I am officially and probably prematurely breaking out the spring love on the blog. I'm not the first one to do it this year and I am by no means the last. With weather hovering dangerously, wonderfully close to 60 degrees today I see no problem with showing you some of my favorite spring things.

Running Outside | I am beyond thrilled to get back to running in the out of doors. I hate hate HATE treadmills with a passion. I'm not going anywhere on them and I just cannot run for more than five minutes on them. I just cannot do it. This week over break while the temps are getting warmer I have gone on my morning runs in cool but not freezing weather and the excitement is building for spring/summer mornings.

Skirts and Dress | Read: Skirts and dresses without tights underneath. That's right...showing some leg and actually showing some leg. If you follow me on Pinterest you probably noticed a huge rise in pins the picture mid-length and maxi skirts. The inspiration for bright, colorful and pretty dressing is coming back, folks!

Fun, Floral Prints | Along with the bright colors, the bold prints are coming back! Back on Black Friday I purchased a pair of bright heels with a floral print on them (kind of like the ones pictured above). Unfortunately, those sweet shoes have been sitting in my closet just waiting to see sunlight.

Flowers in general | I just want to see some color again. I have been looking at a white ground and gray sky for about a month now and feeling the cold bite my fingers. It is about time to see some colors peeking out of the ground and blooms on the interior as well!

One Step Closer to Summer | What excites me the most is the end of the semester and the beginning of summer. While I will have an internship/job to keep me busy most days, I do anticipate spending some days with friends outside and at the pool. Who says a day trip to the beach would be out of the question either!

<3 Ashley

Are you ready for spring? What are your favorite things about the season?


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