Thursday, March 26, 2015

An Open Window Policy

Nearly 60 degrees with rain showers. After months of bitter cold and snow fall nothing seems any better. That's the situation today and you better believe that my window is open. There is a light breeze and the distant sound of raindrops hitting surfaces outside and I have all of my paper writing necessities spread around me.

I have been up since 3:30 this morning (for reasons quite unknown) and after an attempt was made to get through my 9:30 class this morning I made the decision to just not continue with classes today. Luckily, in both of the other classes there was either presentations or review of readings that we have already discussed--I picked the right night to be restless! While I probably should try to nap and rest up, I have decided to use this time to my advantage and get things done. I have so much coming up in the next few weeks that any extra bit of time helps! Let's just hope it manages to get even warmer and the sun makes an appearance so I can move my paper writing outdoors!

<3 Ashley

Is spring beginning to show its face where you are?


  1. Im headed into winter and hating the sudden drop im temps that happened this week. I'm ready for winter to be over already and it hasn't even started yet :/

    1. That's my exact reaction to winter every time. Haha!