Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Wishlist: Reaching for the Stars...

Happy December, everyone! I am now 100% in festive holiday mode. I've got my pink flannel snowman pajamas on, egg nog candle lit and Christmas music blaring. Please excuse how annoyingly happy I am. Honestly, I'm pretty much Buddy the Elf level all of December. 

Get ready for lists, lists, lists! Gift ideas galore are coming at you all month plus Christmas cookie recipes. How could I not? Today I have my own Christmas wishlist--though it's not the real one. These are the things that I want but I know I will not be getting because of the hefty price tag they bear. Basically this my dream list; my reach-for-the-stars wishlist. We all have those, right? Feel free to wish along with me!

<3 Ashley

What's on your reach for the stars wishlist?


  1. OH, that Kate Spade bag would be AMAZING! Love it!

    1. Right, Rachel?! It looks great in every color, but I think I would definitely go for this one!

  2. Absolutely obsessed with that coat!! Good luck on your finals, pretty lady!

    x Kat