Friday, December 12, 2014

The List

What list? My Netflix list. There is a lot that has been added to my Netflix queue and now that I am done with the fall semester (going home today!) I have a little bit of time to park myself on the couch and binge the break away. I would love to finish up the third season of New Girl, I have to catch up on Arrow and I have found a new way of wasting my time in the form of Mad Men--I blazed through the first season WHILE writing a final paper.

Of course, I will be breaking up the marathoning with reading (for fun!) and hanging out with family and friends. I have to be somewhat productive and active, right? I am so excited to be able to take a break from the work and be in full time relaxation mode...for 3 weeks at least! I have a few blog posts planned and January is shaping out too--see...productive! Can't wait wrap up the year on here!

<3 Ashley

Are you getting ready to break for the holidays?

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