Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday (on a Monday) Brunch: Finals Edition

The last brunch of the fall semester occurred yesterday and it was just as dreamy and wonderful as all of our other get togethers. The difference? We took the brunch abroad to a restaurant rather than making it in our apartment. The reason, of course, being that it is FINALS WEEK--which is also why this post is coming to you late. None of us can barely find the motivation to make a grilled cheese let alone a fancy shmancy brunch. We decided since we were going out to find available study locations we could still have brunch and just let someone else do the cooking!

We packed backpacks with textbooks, notebooks, lecture print outs and tech and elected The Porch right on campus as receiver of our money and giver of food. Boy did they give! I ordered the "Porch Scramble" and couldn't have made a better decision. There is chicken and mushroom in that egg pile up there. So much yum! They also came with some wonderfully spiced potatoes, a homemade English muffin and a side of their HOMEMADE ketchup which also had a bit of a spice to it. Michelle ended up getting their quiche which also looked absolutely to die for. On top of the delicious meal and the wonderful company and conversation we are convinced that Pitbull was dining a few tables away--not really but this guy looked WAY too much like him. 

Now if you will excuse me, I still have one more paper to blaze through. (Prayers are being accepted)

<3 Ashley

Do you have a favorite restaurant you like to brunch at?


  1. ahhhh!! good luck with finals! i am kind of nostalgic for those weeks - seriously. the thrill of eliminating a test one by one until the semester is over! i miss college (even in that way). sounds odd but true!

    the brunch you had looks AMAZING and it is definitely a good fuel for a test! i wish i could pop one of those potatoes in my mouth haha

    1. Thanks, Taylor! All finals are signed, sealed and delivered and I am home on the couch haha! I actually kinda like finals. My major, minor and certificate are all writing intensive so most of my finals are papers and I love writing papers!

      It was so yummy! I love that this place is on campus and everything is fresh and homemade.

  2. Brunch (anywhere) is a good idea! Good luck on your paper!

    x Kat

    1. So true, Kat! Paper is actually done and out of mind; now I have 3 weeks to hang back and enjoy the holidays!