Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Busiest (And Most Wonderful) Time of the Year

Hello, remember me? It's been a few days yes? That silence is over now that...I AM DONE WITH FINALS! That's right; it's all celebrating and relaxing for a few weeks. That is at least after tomorrow's job/internship interview (it could go either way!) I am heading back home Thursday morning for just a couple of weeks to spend the holidays with my family and friends.


While this month has been busy between preparing for finals, getting things organized for the new campus late night show, and minor panics at becoming an adult; it is also a beautiful month of celebration and joy. Here, we managed to take a few steps back from the productivity to enjoy the holiday in the 'Burgh just for a little bit. One of my roommates and I went Saturday night to Phipps Conservatory to walk through all of the beautiful flowers, trees, and Christmas lights. This year, we witnessed for the first time a very long line going into Phipps - never have I seen a line! We followed the trip with Thai takeout, because nothing is complete without glass noodles with chicken and veggies...right?

Last night was also a big night, because Pitt Tonight finally premiered. Since September, I have been working as one of the heads of marketing for a student run monthly, late night broadcast. After a few stressful months dealing with social media, promotions, and other tasks we could finally take a breath and let everything we have worked for unfold. It went fabulously! The link for the episode will be live tomorrow night and I cannot wait to share it!

<3 Ashley

Are you taking in the holiday festivities?


  1. Ahh I hear you! This time of year has been crazy for me too! I don't think I've spent one weekend in town since the beginning of November. But it's also the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas. Great job on surviving finals. :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas break!

    xx- Lynn-Holly | The Fisher Files

    1. I love Christmas - now that everything is done I can kick back and relax a bit! Hope that you are enjoying the holiday as well, Lynn-Holly!