Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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Is anyone else of the opinion that stocking stuffers sometimes make the best gifts? Even after opening the big gift boxes under the tree, there is always the excitement of finding a surprise in that little sock hanging from the fireplace or bookshelf. For all those gifts that are a little small to warrant extravagant wrapping, deliver them together--like nice happy holidays care-package. I've taken the liberty of searching the internet for a few ideas if you are stumped about what to put in your loved one's stocking.


One big thing that I especially love in a stocking is make-up! Small, travel-sized items like fragrance rollerballs, mascara, or lipstick are welcomed gifts! Also, if the woman you are shopping for is anything like myself, candy is not a bad stocking stuffer either. ;)


While men remain a mystery to me, I think that these gifts are a good jumping off point when it comes to ideas. I laughed out loud when I stumbled across the Pocket Ref book--it holds answers to all! 

<3 Ashley

Do you have any go-to stocking stuffers? 


  1. Love ur selection! That iPhone case is too cute!

    1. Thanks ChiChi! I like to think that there is very little on the Kate Spade website that isn't cute! xo