Monday, December 28, 2015


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We made it. Another holiday is done and now it is time to wind down 2015 and prepare to kick off 2016. More on the New Year later this week - for now, we need to fight our ways through the remaining food coma effects and put Christmas away for another year. Taking down the Christmas decorations is always the hardest. This is the most wonderful time of the year after all...why would we want to put it away so quickly?

The days following Christmas are for finding places for your gifts, getting rid of leftovers, and slowly taking down decorations. Of course, if my mother had her way I think all of our decorations would have been down two days ago! We were sent home with many cookies and candy from family and I am pretty sure that I am the only one in the fight to consume it all before the New Year because, you know...fresh start.

Note: I started writing this post like a million hours ago and got distracted by the Military Bowl featuring my Pitt Panthers. Spoiler alert - we are losing and I am an emotional wreck. NBD.

<3 Ashley

Are you in the process of de-Christmasing? 


  1. I am leaving all the decor up for now, but already put away my gifts, and am definitely getting back into my workout phase and not eating all of the junk food all the time :)

    1. I have surprised myself by waking up and running every morning for the past week...side effect of new sneakers, maybe?