Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Getaway

As we are ending July and getting ready for August's last days of summer I am thinking more and more about the coming school year...which bothers me. I have actually one month today left of my summer. I don't need to be thinking about its end yet! There are things to do! My friend and I are still adamant about going on a hike some Saturday before we have to part ways again.

Unfortunately, my plans for the summer do not include an actual vacation. It hurts to admit, but for what feels like the first time--though probably isn't--we are not going on any trips. No Disney World. No beach. I am hanging my head in disappointment as I type this. However, being the dreamer that I am, that fact has not stopped me from pining over everyone else's vacation photos and dreaming up the possible getaways that I could take!

Palm Springs, CA

Have I ever considered leaving the east coast? No. Would you actually have to pull me away kicking and screaming? Very much so. But seeing Stephanie Sterjovski's photos from her trip to Palm Springs made me thing, "Eh. What's a few days?" :)

Sawtooth Mountains, ID

To everyone's surprise, I'm sure, one of my dream vacations is to the mountains. I mean the Rockies or something rough, yet beautiful looking. I live basically on the Appalachian Trail and these are some beautiful rolling hills...not what I want to see out of a mountain! Let's just not talk about the snakes that are probably waiting for me on this dream trip, okay?

Key Largo--Key West, FL

I can just see it: lounging on the sand, watching the sunset while sipping a summer-y cocktail. Sign me up immediately!

<3 Ashley

Where do you dream of getting away to before summer ends?


  1. Beautiful picks! I've been dying to check out a rocky mountainside in middle America (I've never been so far west!)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. I've been out to Arizona, but that's more desert than mountain. Haha! The Rockies look so beautiful in photos that I would like to experience them in real life. They look like the perfect place to disconnect.