Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hometown Hotspot: Miss Ruth's Time Bomb

I have lived in the Carlisle area for pretty much my entire life, but only just recently have I made a point to wander into the shops and discover what the historic town has to offer. One in particular that will forever have a spot in my heart is Miss Ruth's Time Bomb. The Time Bomb is a small consignment shop with a wonderful collection of vintage and vintage inspired pieces.

Every time I go into the shop, you can be certain that I have my mini photo shoot in the dressing area. In fact, I recently took a trip for their semi-annual vintage yard sale; items were marked down to between $1-$10! Needless to say, I found it easy to walk away with a few pieces.

Another thing that I love about Miss Ruth's is how active they are in Carlisle. Their location on High St. is amiable as it is among other great businesses just down the street from Dickinson College. They participate in Carlisle's First Friday evening event, incorporating the month's theme into great sales. They even offer libations to their customers over 21 and a live DJ can also be seen at the events.

Miss Ruth's also runs an event around the holidays for those shopping for quirky gifts. The Market of Curiosities is "an odd market for everyone." The Market takes place in the historic Carlisle Ribbon Mill. The event features "three-rings of shopping, beer tasting and live music." Throughout the market, you will find gifts crafted by a variety of independent artists and collectors an locally crafted beers.

A small fee of $3 is required to enter for individuals over the age of 12 years. Unfortunately, I have yet to make it to the event--I am still in school in Pittsburgh at that time. My eyes are always open, looking for similar events organized by local businesses, whether that be in Carlisle or in Pittsburgh. One great tool that I utilize to find and purchase tickets to local events is EventBrite. It is also a valuable resource if you are looking to organize and advertise your own event you can visit the EventBrite event management page.

<3 Ashley

Have you ever used EventBrite to advertise or find an event? Is there an event in your hometown that you look forward to?

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