Monday, September 28, 2015

Feeling Like Fall

Disclaimer: I'm not a fashion you can tell by the quality of this post. "A" for effort? ;P

I apologize for the quality of the photo! After a tragic accident, I have had to return to my iPhone 4 :(

So I woke up and it was rainy and gray outside. I kind of dug it though. I looked at my phone and saw a high of 76 and clouds all day. What does that mean? Why was I so happy? Sweater weather. :)

Today is a transitional outfit kind of day. It is still above 70 which means I will not say no to a skirt, but below 80, so I will finish my outfit with a chunky read cardigan. Paired with some black and gold bangles I think that this is the perfect outfit for the day. The rain did stop, so I neglected boots--I don't think I am ready to break them out just yet. Flats are perfect for now.

<3 Ashley

What is your perfect transitional outfit going into fall?


  1. Cute skirt!

    1. Thank you, Alexa! I do find myself wearing it frequently--it has quickly become a favorite from TJ Maxx!