Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Out & About: Steel Cactus

This past week was spent almost entirely celebrating my roommate's 21 birthday. However, Friday night is when we really got down to it. We as a house, dressed to the nines and set out to Pittsburgh's South Side to get our hands on some delicious Mexican food and the Pittsburgh fave, Yinzeritas. We ended up at Steel Cactus, which drew us in with a cool ambience and wide open windows--which were great since it was actually beautiful on Friday!

To be perfectly honest, prior to that night I had no idea what a Yinzerita entailed. Hey, I've only been 21 for two months and here for three weeks...and I avoid spending money at all costs. But it was a "treat yo'self" kinda night and so I decided to do just that. The drinks come in a few flavors, but the popular one at the table was strawberry (with one odd ball getting the peach). Each flavor comes with a bottle of beer that the waiter will tip and dunk straight into the glass. Wouldn't you know...it was actually good!

While everyone loved the signature Pittsburgh libation, there was food to be had as well! I ordered the achiote shrimp tacos and it was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Truly. They were delicious. The plate came with three tacos, a good helping of rice and a side of black beans (those were not sampled...not a bean gal).

The restaurant has two locations: South Side and Shadyside. I had been to the Shadyside one earlier in the semester for drinks with a friend. We did get their chips and queso and let me tell you...that queso is absolutely yummy! The chips were a bit greasy but the cheese more than made up for it. Both locations have outdoor rooftop seating, which is fantastic for these last summer nights! As we walked out the door we began discussing our next trip back!

<3 Ashley

Ever been to Steel Cactus in Pittsburgh? Does this sound like your kind of place? 


  1. Hope your roommate had an amazing 21st birthday! Never been to Steel Cactus, but it seems like a great place to celebrate.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. It was a very good setting for a birthday dinner. Very cool atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by, Rae!