Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Skin

If there is one thing that makes the winter the absolute worst for me (besides ice on the sidewalks and erratic drivers) it is winter skin. You know winter skin, right? The itchy, bumpy, dry skin that only appears when the temp drops below 40 and there is no amount of lotion that can salvage what has been damaged. For the past month I have been living in constant discomfort. As I told my roommate the other day when she asked me why on earth I am so crabby anymore, "I'm sad and itchy. Sorry for not being chipper!"

I know that there are supposed to be ways to combat this wintery curse. Take lukewarm showers, drink plenty of water, moisturize, etc. Aside from the lukewarm showers--come's already cold outside can I really be expected to do this?--I have stuck to these rule pretty well. However, my legs are still suffering. This is what happens to me: everything is fine except for my legs, they like to be difficult.

I am counting down the days to the beginning of the spring and the beginning of my skin's healing process.

<3 Ashley

Anymore tips on how to combat winter skin? 

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