Thursday, February 26, 2015

Getting Through Midterms One Cup of Joe At A Time

To be perfectly honest, it is not like I am addicted to caffeine or rely on it to get me through the midterm season. I seriously have one cup a day usually in the morning. However, on this cold, snowy day in Pittsburgh I have found myself in the lower level of the law school (a new haunt for me!) with a small latte (of the Starbucks nature, as per usual at Pitt) and all of my notes sprawled out around me. My apologies to the actual law students who typically use this space. Really I just came here to check out the guys...hey, I've heard good things. In reality I may have just found my new study spot! It is so quiet here which is perfect for weeks like this when I have paper after paper to churn out. This may be the place that gets me through the seemingly never-ending midterm grind.

<3 Ashley

Do you have a place where you get work done the most?

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