Friday, February 6, 2015

Galentine's Day Movie Date

We are about one week out from Valentine's Day and it's about that time where I have to accept the fact that there is a day of the year that has pretty much capitalized on couples and I am currently not part of that group. I'm not bitter though...seriously, I'm not!

Really, there is always a way to have fun on the day of love without being in a romantic relationship. My friends and I have replaced Valentine's Day with "Galentine's Day." A day to share even more love with the gals than you do any other day of the year! My one roommate and I like to go to the campus bakery and buy each other as pastry or get one big on to share. Plus, no lady date is complete without a chick flick marathon! Here are some great go-to films:

1. Love Actually. I think it is just as much a Valentine's movie as it is a Christmas movie. Seriously, if you just forget the fact that it's set during the Christmas season it totally fits!

2. The Holiday. See the above justification.

3. Valentine's Day. I guess this is pretty much the 'Love Actually' of Valentine's Day. You know...a bunch of well known celebrities falling in love with each other in one film.

4. Titanic. I have seen this one on a bunch of 'Valentine's Movies' list, though I personally don't think I will be watching it. It's kind of a sad route to go I think. He dies WHEN HE TOTALLY DIDN'T HAVE TO! ...just saying.

5. The Notebook. #thestandard

<3 Ashley

Do you celebrate Galentine's Day? What's your go-to movie on V-Day?


  1. I LOVE The Holiday! If you want a good laugh on Valentine's Day, you should watch The Other Woman, it's hilarious! :)

    1. I've never seen that one. Thanks for the suggestion, Hayley!