Monday, February 9, 2015

The Grammys and Their Dancing Queen

So the Grammys happened last night, though admittedly I only watched until about 10 PM--it just didn't hold me like they typically do. I am upset that I missed Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga perform "Cheek to Cheek." From what I saw this morning it was a great performance! I did see a lot of performances  though that had me dancing and shaking my groove thang. And I wasn't the only one!

We all know by now that Taylor Swift likes to dance at music award shows. We know this not only because we see it on our screens, but also because we hear about it the next morning from online articles to our friends at work about how "Taylor Swift was at it again!" It is typically said in a way that expresses annoyance or like it is something strange that we would all like her to stop doing. Why?! She's what...24? She is young and at a music award show with some of the coolest people in the biz--and some of the not so cool. It is a way of showing support for those on-stage; they're doing a great job!

Last night the Vine taken of Pharrell watching Tay dancing and looking at her with a kind of disdain and it made me a little mad. What's the problem? She was clearly the one having more fun! Keep on dancing, Taylor! I'm dancing to. :)

<3 Ashley

Did you watch the Grammys last night? What were your favorite moments? 


  1. I didnt catch it unfortunately. But I've seen the awesome fashion over on instagram and it looks like a great one this year.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

    1. I did see a lot of great looks from what I saw (I admittedly only watched about an hour and a half of the show)