Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Once in awhile you discover a little piece of the internet that you wholly identify with and quickly find yourself hitting 'Bookmark' so that you can come back to the site ever morning. Very soon, it will become part of your ritual; a good part of your ritual. I recently discovered the website Wandeleur, which was only launched very recently (like this week!) 

Wandeleur is the brain child of Emily at Isn't That Charming (very much a part of my blogroll) and Blair at The Fox & She. This Chicago based creative lifestyle website is for those who "aspire + inspire." I have taken a turn about the site and its content. Wandeleur itself inspires me to get back to creativity--easier said than done for me and the packed schedule! The site features posts about lifestyle (think decor, travel, style, food + drink), tips + projects and interviews with creative individuals. Some of the posts that I love right now are this interview with Jenny Bernheim, tips for the perfect weekend getaway and this one about getting creative with acrylic paints.

Stop by the site, say hello and join in the conversation with fellow creatives and be sure to follow them on social media (their Instagram is gorgeous!) I will be in the neighborhood frequently!

<3 Ashley

Have you checked out Wandeleur? What is your favorite post?


  1. Swooning over this post! Thanks a ton for sharing. Happy Tuesday! xo

    Evolution of Glam

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! Have a great week!

  2. awesome! Something new for me to check out for sure =D


    1. It is definitely worth your time, Nancy! I've added it to my Bloglovin' list so I can keep up with all their content!