Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hello, August: Letter from the Editor

Well this is it. Can you feel the summer winding down and the world getting in the last few trips and days spent poolside in preparation for getting back to business? I can. It's that time when the roomies and I start discussing who shares what bathroom, what we still need for the kitchen, should we get cable or beef up the wifi and bills, bills, bills. College is fun... :P

This month's theme is as it has been for the past few Augusts: back-to-school. Cherish this one folks, this will probably be the last back-to-school month on the blog--I will be graduating. Pause for tears and "oh she grew up so fast!" That being said, all efforts are being made to make this the best one yet. Gotta go out with a bang, right? I will be renewing the Back-to-School Blogger series with a fresh roster of bloggers (info on that here) who will share a little bit about their own college experiences, the expectations they had going in.

You can also be sure to see posts about the perfect first day outfit, DIY dorm/apartment decor, and even a few posts about how to spend those last days before academia takes over our lives again. Good stuff, eh?

<3 Ashley

What would you like to see this month?


  1. I always cringe a little bit thinking about getting back to school! Wish I could relax forever! But you're going to have the best senior year - so awesome for you!!
    ciao! xo

    1. Thanks I certainly intend on making sure that it's a good one! Getting back into the groove of things may be tough though ;)