Friday, August 21, 2015

The Last Days

Can you feel that? That is the feeling of summer coming to a close and once again the school year is upon us. I actually think that this coming Monday is the first day of school for my school district--sorry kids! I actually have one more week before I am once again en route to Pittsburgh. While most of this time leading up to the day will be spent shopping for anything I need (read: sneaking food into my parents cart so I don't have to buy it later) I will also be sure to make the most of my last free and fun days. What are some ideas for last minute summer activities?

Catch some rays pool side: I made it to the pool only one time this week ago. With an internship this was my first truly busy summer. However, that one evening spent by the water, laying in the sun felt so well deserved because of it.

Going on an adventurous hike: Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to squeeze this in; especially since my hiking buddy is going back to school this weekend. :(

Driving around and discovering a cool new hangout in your hometown: We did this a few weeks ago when one of my roommates came to visit me. We took her to an ice cream place downtown that we had never been to. Spoiler alert: it was great!

Go out on the town with the ladies: This is one that I am looking forward to next week. My friend who has been away for the summer will be back home next week. We missed each other's birthdays so it is only right to use this opportunity to buy each other drinks!

A fun BBQ: I mean this is definitely an all summer kind of activity if there ever was one. But there's something about closing out an awesome summer with a BBQ with your closest friends and family. Let the fun carry into the nighttime, light a fire and make s'mores!

<3 Ashley

What are your plans for this last bit of summer?

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