Monday, August 10, 2015

On Networking

Going into my senior year of college certainly brings about a number of exciting--and slightly terrifying--thoughts about life after graduation. Even now, before the school year begins, I am thinking about the first career fair and what Pittsburgh based businesses am I going to be trying to attract.

What is great is the fact that I have so many people in my corner that I have met through friends and even professionally through my internship who frequently offer their suggestions and promise their support.

My mother has always emphasized the importance of being able to network and put my skills on display to attract interest. Of course, that was the last thing I wanted to hear as I started college--talking to people in a flawless fashion is not a skill that I execute easily. I'm a writer...not a speaker. I'm the worst communication major, I know. I do like to think that I am getting better, though.

One great networking resource that I was recently introduced to is WeWork. WeWork is a New York-based co-working company that provides co-working space in several cities around the world that are built to accommodate the type of team and situation in which you are working. However, the work space is not the only service provided by WeWork. They also boast a great networking platform and events for all of its members. The college student in me is screaming "Sign me up and let's be friends!" They even have an app that allows you to book work space and connect with other members for potential collaborations. Not to mention, after looking at some of their provided work spaces, I am dreaming of professional Ashley perched in that setting and preparing to take over the world. Just some personal thoughts. ;)

<3 Ashley

Do you have any networking tips for those of us getting ready to enter the world?


  1. I feel you! I am the worst when it comes to speaking to people I don't know, I never know what to say and go blank! x


    1. Some of us were just not meant to be champion orators. We have our strengths though, Ariadna!!