Monday, June 1, 2015

June Letter

The summer months have begun. Of course, at this point I am about a month into my summer and have gotten myself adjusted to the internship schedule. Look at how on top of things I am! This month my focus is on keeping up that momentum. June on Sunday Brunch will have me periodically sharing my organization and productivity tools--just some habits I like to keep of apps that I find particularly useful! Keep and eye out for those and also feel free to share your own tools that you use to maintain your focus.

Of course June is also the official beginning of summer, so summer life and style posts will be featured as well. I am scouring magazine and the internet to find the trends and pick out some of my favorites for you. I will also be sharing my personal summer beauty habits when it comes to keeping my skin and hair looking good when they could look pretty gross.

On another note: since I have started this internship, my schedule is way out of whack from what it was beforehand in regards to my blogging frequency. I am trying to pick it up now since I am becoming more used to my waking and sleeping times. Bear with me while I try to fall back into blogging more regularly!

<3 Ashley

Ready for June? What are your organization/productivity tips? Anything in particular I should focus on this month?


  1. I am so ready for June! Cross country training starts soon and I'm so happy! I can't wait to see what posts you come up with this month, and good luck at your internship!

    Running Alyssa

    1. That's so great, Alyssa! Have a great time with your training!