Wednesday, June 3, 2015


As I entered college there was a lot on my to-do list as I entered into the next chapter of life. College is a liminal stage between being a kid and being an adult--you're on your own for the first time making decisions but your also still under some kind of structure. This to-do list was everything that I thought I should do or habits that I should form as I am becoming an adult. One of those habits is reading the news every day. 

Now, I never have been one to actively keep up with current issues unless I happened to catch them in passing as my parents were watching the evening news. I have certainly tried before to commit to having CNN as a bookmark online, however checking every day was not something I could ensure. 

A few years ago I learned about a little email subscription called: theSkimm. TheSkimm is my new favorite email--this is coming from someone who takes joy in deleting emails without opening them. I get an email every morning around 7 AM, which is just in time for me to have something to read on the bus to work, and in this email is a sample of several different news topics that are important to follow. Even better? Each paragraph (that's it! A news story in a paragraph!) is written in an easy to read and even humorous way that still gets the important parts of the story across. They even frequently feature getaway contests and highlight good books that you need to read.

Here's how it works: click on this link, submit your email address and get ready for your first Skimm tomorrow morning! Also check out this piece about the founders of theSkimm on StyleList.

<3 Ashley

Do you read theSkimm? If not, will you sign up? How do you get your news?


  1. I love the Skimm! Before I found it I struggled really hard with keeping up with the news, but almost everyday I read The Skimm now and actually know what's going on.


    1. Same! It's nice to feel informed and actually have a basic understanding of what is happening. Thanks for stopping by, Jenni! xo