Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Haul

Okay, so it's not the most impressive Black Friday haul but hey, I have to stay on budget since I'm still in school. I was on the hunt for things I actually needed (some was more want) and came out with most of it. A pair of solid black ballet flats still evade me--maybe I will see what Cyber Monday has in store on that front.

After losing plans to shop starting at midnight--sick friends canceling last minute!--I did manage to step out for shopping this morning with my mother. We hit the mall first and made our way to JCPenney. Honestly, out of all the stores we went in today, JCP definitely had the best deals (especially for what I was looking for.)

My roommate and I are actively trying to bring turtlenecks back--please feel free to hop on the bandwagon--so a few of those were on the top of my list. I managed to find two that I liked from St. John's Bay. The one pictured above is a nice cream color and the other is black and white stripes.

I was also on a crusade to find new jeans that fit. Denim-wise I did not find a single pair that fit me right..that's a rant for another day. We went to TJ Maxx and I dug up a pair of patterned active leggings from Head and a pair of DKNY skinny khaki pants.

My treasures are few this year, but I definitely anticipate getting use out of them!

<3 Ashley

Did you step out for Black Friday? What does your haul look like?


  1. JCPenney had amazing sales! I had to resist mostly everything else... I did get some home stuff from Kohls, like new sheets and a new dog bed for my pup!

    1. Kohls usually has some pretty solid deals. It was seriously difficult to not blow through my bank account in all of the stores!

  2. You bought some nice things,great post ♥

  3. Finding a great pair of denim is always hard! I am so glad that you find some. I did most of my shopping online!


    1. It really is a constant struggle! I can't shop for clothes online since I pretty much have to try everything on (maybe this is a good thing!)