Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dear Weather, Can You Not?

^This is where I would like to be^

If you live in or around the Pittsburgh area (or in a similar city with respect to erratic forecasts) you know that the weather is probably one of the most frustrating things ever. As my alarm went off this morning I rolled over and went to my weather app to get some kind of budding idea of what I could wear today. I found myself staring at the number "37" and a snowflake icon reserved for later in the day. Was it not 70 degrees two days ago?!

I scrolled through the rest of the week and it seems we have officially taken the plunge into Pittsburgh winter. Here's how the weather works this time of year. Autumn starts but it's still pretty warm and doesn't really feel as fall-ish as you want. Then it feels like fall for two week and then BAM it's 30 degrees and you hate your life and can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving (I say this as a college student!)

When I chose the University of Pittsburgh it is easy to say I was not choosing it for the weather here! There is the running joke that in Pittsburgh you can experience all four seasons in one day--that's how some days feel to be completely honest. So now that I am officially in the throws of 30 degree weather and am at the mercy of the constant fear of sudden snowfall, I suppose it's time to start the posts about sweaters, hot chocolate, cozy boots (that are NOT UGGS!) and all sorts of warm comfort. Look out for those!

<3 Ashley's the weather?


  1. We just got out first snowfall in Minneapolis on Monday... I was actually excited about it (assuming it would warm back up and melt in a couple days). NOPE! Been freezing ever since! Supposed to snow tomorrow and be below zero on Tuesday. So long story short... I also want to be cuddled up in that cozy room!

    1. We did get a bit of snow later yesterday but it wasn't horrible. I was inside so I could watch it with some cocoa. I don't think I'm actually ready for it to be so cold!