Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Leather Look

Hello and welcome to another installment of "I'm Not a Fashion Blogger, But How About An 'A' For Effort!" I'm your host, Ashley and today we are going to discuss the wonder and glory of the leather fall look. But's a great look right? Now understand that by "leather" I am referring to faux, of course...I can't afford the real deal. Plus, if someone is just looking at you and not touching your outfit all over (stop them if they do because that's weird) then who will really know? 

I think that leather is just so sleek and chic especially this time of year as we begin layering and making efforts to keep the chill from directly touching our skin. Plus, how sexy is a pair of leather pants and some leather boots? Very! That is the answer. In reality, I don't own much myself. Just a few pieces with leather panels in them--which is just as great! I have found a number of pieces that I want in my closet right this second. Check 'em out! ^ 

Real or fake, you gotta get on board with this look!

<3 Ashley

Do you love the look of leather pieces like I do? What's your favorite way to wear it?


  1. HA! Not too sure I could pull off the look, but great round-up!!

    Melissa | So About What I Said

    1. To be completely honest, you will never see me in a pair of leather pants--but the bag is definitely something we can all pull off!

  2. Love the leather trend, I'm especially obsessed with the Ted Baker bag and the skirt! Now only if I could actually pull it off ;)

    xo - Michelle

    1. The bag is beautiful right?! I just have to gently remind myself that I can't exactly afford it. And I hear you on pulling it off--but even a piece with leather panels as a feature is great for the season!