Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Yes, yes, yes it is that time of the year! Temps get cooler, I leave my window open just a hair to let some cool air get into my heat trap of a room, and I bust out the de la Renta set to keep me from getting too cold at night. Are there people who do not like PJ sets? Why? They are so cute and comfortable when there is a bite to the air--what is not to love? 

Over the past few years, my grandmother has become the supplier to this addiction of mine. For the past few years, a new set gets added to my collection at Christmas. Thanks, Grandma! This one, however was gifted from my parents last year. At $30 at TJ Maxx, it was the one item that was highlighted as mandatory on my wish list. 

Below are some favorites that I have stumbled across on my Internet travels. Click on the images for full size on the retailer website.


Happy sleeping!
<3 Ashley

Are you a pajama set fan? What style do you tend towards?


  1. Replies
    1. And why settle some pjs that aren't cozy!!

  2. oh my goodness, i'm in desperate need of new pj's! I found this at a perfect time, I love all your picks! But I gotta love the colour of the first one. Will have to check out tj max :)

    1. TJ Maxx basically has custody of my bank card at this point. It's not difficult to find something great! Hope you find a fabulous set for yourself! xo