Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Looking Forward

Around this time last year, I posted a little reflection on my sophomore year experience. This year, rather than reflecting on my junior year--it wasn't the best--I am looking ahead to my senior year of college and all of the exciting things to come.

We have a house that we are renting off campus for the year, which is super exciting! I have walked through it a couple of times at this point and am actually fairly enthusiastic about it--which is saying something because this is college level living, people! I have all of my bedroom furniture purchased and in my room already so my move in looks to be smoother than some other people's. I am keeping my campus job. It is nice to feel secure that I will definitely be making some grocery shopping money.

I am also down to my last five required classes between my major and my certificate. That's right; I basically have one semester's worth of required credits left to take. This means that not only is my degree nearly complete, but I also have room to take some oh-so interesting classes to take purely out of fascination. Tudor History, here I come!

Now I am by no means wishing my time away. Trust me, I will be soaking up every single second of this summer. I have an internship and so much to learn from that as well as--hopefully--many fun adventures with friends. Here's to summer and finally being a college senior!

<3 Ashley

What are you looking forward to?

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