Monday, February 22, 2016

Is That You, Spring?

So this weekend Mother Nature sent Pittsburgh for quite a loop: warm weather. That's right. February isn't even over yet and we got our first taste of spring. Saturday clocked in at a cool 64 degrees and I resolved to leave the house ASAP. I took all of my work (which if we are being honest is still not done) and took the long, sunny walk to a coffee shop for a bit.

The next treat was catching up with one of my friends who indicated an interest in dining al fresco that day. It was a mutual interest. Luckily, the college neighborhood of Oakland is not totally devoid of nice dining choices. We decided to walk over to The Porch and snag a high top outside where we split one of their delicious brick oven pizzas and sipped on white sangria. Just so everyone is aware: if you are in the area any time soon (the menu changes seasonally) and are hungry, the butternut squash pizza is to die for. I did not expect it to be as delicious as it was.

Even Sunday wasn't horrible with temps in the 50s. It was sunny enough that I was convinced to go for a run before gearing up for an evening filming Pitt Tonight. Episode III coming soon!

<3 Ashley

P.S. Today is National Margarita Day. Celebrate responsibly! 

Did you get some warm weather as well? How did you take advantage of it?


  1. Spring can't come soon enough!
    Thank you for the visit hun, the entire blog’s been redesigned!
    Would love to get your thoughts!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Especially now that we've had some warm days, I am itching to store the boots for some cute flats!

  2. I was seriously LOVING the warm weather we had in Texas last week! I feel like it was just a sick tease for spring! Sounds like a great weekend you had!

    Emma | Seeking the South

    1. We only have to put up with the cold for another month or so. It's almost here!