Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

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I hope that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving day with family, food, and football. My family abandoned the football games on TV--not everyone was satisfied with the outcome--and started our own family football match. I do admit that I was not the MVP for my team, but I did have fun! After everyone left, I spent my evening getting focused for Black Friday shopping with one of my longest friends. We stepped out at midnight to take advantage of lower prices as Target, where I picked up some pillows and towels for my apartment...because apparently I am an adult now. We were then promptly disappointed to find out that the mall closed at midnight and would not be opening until 6 AM. So I'm going to break that down for you: they were open on Thanksgiving but closed once Black Friday started...this makes sense how? We then had to re-establish our attack plan for the night and agreed to take our shopping trip a little further from home to the outlets at Hershey.

While the outlets did not feature our intended stores (New York & Company and Forever 21) we did have successful visits to Rue21, Yankee Candle, and Bath & Body Works. I'm not usually a Rue21 shopper, but with puffer vests at $10 and a handful of tops priced between $3-$7 I could not resist. I walked away from the evening with everything I had on my list and even a bit more. I also took advantage of the time and spent some time eye some of the higher priced stores and their deals. They may have still been out of my budget but J. Crew and Ralph Lauren also had some great sales with the stores going 50-75% off.

Before this Black Friday ends, I did log on to NY&Co's website and get what I wanted to last night--pants. As someone whose pants size is always changing it seems, I am currently in the market for a new pair. The entire site (and store!) is up to 75% off today with the chance for an additional 10% off on select items. Also free shipping on all orders! I'm now waiting on this pair of leggings and this pair of pants. These will be great for the extensive job search I will be embarking on in the coming semester in preparation for graduation.

Also another great sale that I wish I had the budget for is the one over at Kate Spade. 75% off there too...unfortunately I still can't afford most of it. :( I hope that you all have had a fruitful Black Friday and were able take advantage of some of these great sales.

<3 Ashley

What does your Black Friday haul look like?

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