Monday, November 16, 2015

How Early is Too Early

Recently--about a week ago--my roommates and I decided that we could officially start going holiday crazy. We are planning our roommate Thanksgiving for before our break, making plans for Light Up Night in Downtown Pittsburgh this Friday to see the Christmas tree in PPG Place, making gallons of hot chocolate, and also listening to Christmas music. Yes, Christmas music started a week ago and has all been downloaded to my phone. We are all on the same page with the holiday schedule and it is wonderful.

However, there are mumblings of people getting frustrated with the early Christmas excitement. I know one girl my friend is acquainted with loves Thanksgiving and feels that we are skipping over the day of thanks completely. So the question I pose to you all: How early is too early for Christmas?

Here are my thoughts. For me, the winter holidays are not really systematic to me. To be perfectly honest, I lump Thanksgiving and Christmas together as the holidays. Both are spent with family, sharing time and stories around the table together. They are only a month apart anyway, so both make-up the holiday season for me. For that reason, I do not feel a shred of guilt for starting the Christmas tunes in early November (not the first day...I do have some self-control.) I respect the rights of others to rage about my level of joy in mid-November, but please also respect my right to wrap myself in Christmas lights and belt "Silver Bells." ;P

<3 Ashley

How early do you start Christmas music/decorations? What is too early?

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