Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter White

This week we were finally given a good snow. Winter storm "Juno" hit the east coast; in more of a big way in some places than others. We are part of that latter group. At least from what I could tell on this campus (they are constantly prepared from snow) we by no means got the worst of it. There were other places that didn't see as much as predicted either--loved seeing reactions from friends in Philly who sent pictures of a mere dusting at one point. We did get a good amount however, and I was thrilled to see it! It gave me a reason to snuggle up inside and take some time to do work.

A trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History led me to this little guy. He's made of opal!

Writing up an assignment on OmmWriter

Trying to absorb some information before my morning class #cramsesh!

<3 Ashley

Did anyone else see some good snow from Juno?


  1. Thanks for sharing, hope you were able to cram in some info! Xo

    Evolution of Glam

    1. I take what I can get with my studies and the time given!