Thursday, October 27, 2016

How-to: Boot Care

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Fall for me not only means changing leaves and cooler days, but also means re-introducing my boots and booties into my daily wardrobe. As the season progresses further and we make our way into winter—sometimes early...did anyone else hear about snow in November? Is this a real thing?—our boots begin to show the scars of jaunts through muddy, snowy terrain. I'm here to share a few tips to keep your boots looking great through these next few messy months.

The issues I typically run into are due to snow and salt; my thanks and gratitude to the city of Pittsburgh for their HEAVY salt application on sidewalks. What I typically have been able to get away with is rubbing it away with some warm water and maybe a little bit of soap. However, another effective way of removing those salt stains from your leather is a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Either way, please be gentle!

In my research I have found that there are a number of proper ways to ensure that your boots are able to stand the wear and tear of fall/winter weather. From the quick tips to the products made for leather care, I have learned a lot about what I should be doing to make my boots last a lot longer than they do. Like leather conditioner??? Did you know that was a thing??? Well it is, and if you want a good way to avoid cracking (I have a few bags that could benefit) it is best to apply some leather conditioner.

More care should be taken to keep your leather boots intact and effectively protective. King Ranch Saddle Shop in Texas provides further tips that ensure that your boots last through the winter, which may be a bad one this year! I find it easy to take tips from those who know their craft and since King Ranch has been in the leather business for awhile (check out their men's and women's boots as well as bags) I trust them to know their stuff. They've even shared a nice little graphic, offering some of their best care tips:

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How do you care for your leather boots? Do you have any tips?


  1. love this post, so useful! I always neglect my boots and its so wrong. I never even thought about applying leather conditioner. so smart! thanks for sharing your research :)

    1. My boots always suffer because of all of the snow and I am too lazy to care for them. I'm so happy that I've found ways to take care of them that are not too time consuming!

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    1. Thank you! I hope that you find it helpful!