Monday, July 18, 2016

"I Don't Know About You.."

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"...but I'm feeling 22." Yep. Another year older but none the wiser. But it's only been a few days so give me a minute and maybe the wisdom will show up. :P

The one thing I love about my birthday is that it tends to be a quiet affair. It's in the summer, tends to be during the week (really...a Saturday birthday would be swell!) and, especially now, very few friends are home to celebrate. But you won't find me disappointed in the fact that I can't celebrate by painting the town red into the early morning hours. I love spending the day grabbing a meal out with the fam. And last night was actually my preferred method of celebrating myself: homemade nachos, many helpings of margarita, my birthday cupcake, and an in-home double feature (who says no to Sex and the City AND The Devil Wears Prada?)

And since not everyone is around at one time to celebrate the day with me, that only means that the celebration must be spread out—I'm not complaining. I love setting up dinners and happy hours with friends as they find they are available to set aside some time to hang out; especially since my summer has consisted of sitting inside for hours weeding through job descriptions and applying to companies that may or may not get back to me. Perhaps being another year older and wiser will bring good things on that front. :)

<3 Ashley

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