Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Wedding Tips

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Tis the season ... wedding season. What better time to tie the knot than under the sun on the beach, or under moonlight of the cool summer nights?

I remember being the flower girl at my aunt and uncle's summer afternoon wedding and then dancing (and eating) the night away under the stars. But when you are not part of the wedding party, what is one to do for dress? Fear not—I have just a few things that I like to consider before the big day:

Consider the invitation. Is there a theme or selected colors for the wedding? What time of year and day are you attending? Is it outside or inside? These are the important questions to ask. Also, take into consideration the location for the reception. The graphic below offers some great quick tips for the different type of wedding celebrations.

Think comfort. I love to find a dress that can easily make the transition from the tradition of the wedding ceremony to the fun that the couple has planned for the reception. Make sure you've selected something that you are comfortable dancing the night away in.

Are you going in a pair? I am by no means insinuating that you go all out prom night and throw on a lime green tie to match your date's lime green dress. However, if you are going as part as a couple, you should aim to complement your partner's look.

Check out this helpful graphic below from The Black Tux, which provides men with a great option for suit/tux rental. Renting is always a great way to curb cost if the item in question is not something you wear regularly. Lord knows I wish my prom dress came from Rent-the-Runway and was sent right back ... instead of being a large midnight blue clump taking up valuable space in my closest.

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Do you have go-to guidelines for wedding wear? Share in the comments!

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