Friday, September 9, 2016

Beautiful Superfoods

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Going into my freshman year of college I resolved to change up my lifestyle in favor of a healthier one. Not to say that I was a totally unhealthy person beforehand, but my eating habits and physical activity probably was not top notch. Each student on campus had access to at least one fitness center on campus and is equipped with a meal plan that provides an endless array of possibilities. But those possibilities also include foods and snacks that are maybe not-so-good for you. Along with all of the other research I did for classes, I also focused some research on nutrition and what was best for consumption. I was amazed at the kinds of effects that these foods not only have on internal health, but also, externally, how it can be a part of your beauty routine.

While I certainly sing the praise of health foods overall, there are some that I won't even go near—get that kale and tofu away from me! But that's the thing: you don't need to be the big bad super foods monster. Pick and choose. What do you like and what will be best for you? Here are some of my favorites:

- Blueberries: This is my ultimate. I could snack on bluebs for years. I think I get this from my mother actually. It's one of those things that we have in common. I've read that these little blue orbs help to fight against premature aging of skin. Happy I started early! Blueberries are great for getting your brain up and going, and get you ready and focused. I actually make sure to have blueberries in whatever I am eating for breakfast the morning of a job interview!

- Olive oil: Not necessarily a food, but it is a staple in my food prep process. Anything that goes into the skillet or is roasted in the oven is accompanied by a healthy amount of olive oil. While it is great for you internally, you can also use the oil on your skin and in your hair if you're in need of some moisturizing. I would use it if

- Yogurt: Call me crazy, but I actually love a bowl of plain Greek yogurt (with some berries and granola mixed in!) Yogurt has a ton of calcium, which is wonderful for your bones of course, but also your nails!

- Dark chocolate: While I certainly go for the Dove dark stuff, I'm talking about some high cacao chocolate. Both my roommate senior year and I had a stash of bars containing at least 70 percent cacao. Dark chocolate is great for your skin and helps to keep it hydrated! shares a few more ideas about some great super snacks that do wonders for your skin, hair, and nails. Check out this neat graphic!

You can also do a little bit more research on the greats like goji berries, matcha green tea, cacao nibs, and chia seeds.

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What superfoods do you include in your diet for their health AND beauty benefits?

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