Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When Will Spring Be Sprung?

I don't know what the weather situation has been like for everyone else, but I'm having hopeful flashbacks to just a few weeks ago when every day was sunny and in the 70 degree neighborhood. This was in was magical. I'm back home now and the temps are still in the respectable 60-70 range but the sun has only made some very rare appearances. It's the middle of May. Where is the spring that I know and love?

My runs in the morning are still a bit chillier than I like. My skin is still a bit paler than it usually is this time of year—hey...if the sun is out, so am I!

I need the warmth, the sun, the bare legs to be here stat. For now, I'm inside avoiding completely unpacking all of my stuff from school and forced to commit most of my time to the job hunt. Dear employers, hire me and give me monies and responsibilities!

<3 Ashley

Are you enjoying fun in the sun yet?

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